Sylvain bock Ne fais pas sans blanc 2015/16


'Sylvain Bock produces exciting white and red wines in the mountainous Ardeche region of southern France. He grew up in the Northern Rhone and worked for Ardeche legend Gérald Oustric from Domaine du Mazel from who he now leases one of his vineyards. Sylvain produced his first vintage in 2010. Sylvain works without using sulphur and he matures his wines in fibreglass and stainless steel tanks and old oak barrels depending on the particular wine he is making. He also likes using carbonic maceration to ensure the vibrancy of the wine. The grapes are placed in the tanks and carbon dioxide pumped in to ensure an anaerobic environment. The grapes then slowly generate alcohol inside the grapes through the action of enzymes within the fruit rather than the action of the yeasts on the grapes. This wine is fermented spontaneously.

50 % chardonnay ; 50 % grenache blanc blend of 2 vintages : 2015 & 2016 15 % of this blend was aged in oak barrel ; 85 % was aged in stainless tank.'

- Living Wines

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