Tenuta Di Trinoro, Campo di Magnacosta 2015


100% Cabernet Franc from Tuscany; not something you see often. This is one of three 100% Cabernet Francs from Tenuta Di Trinoro, which are all amazing! These wines showcase the quality of Cabernet Franc beautifully. Cabernet Franc is underrated because most people haven't tried it yet.

'Under a mountain, Tenuta di Trinoro is an estate with different soils. Some plantings are over 25 years old. Having developed large root systems, they now translate the soils distinct tastes. After observing certain grapes coming to the winery with different flavors over so many harvests, we decided to bottle 3 parcels of vineyards separately, under their own labels.
Campo di Magnacosta is a 1.5-hectare (100% Cabernet Franc) parcel of river gravel and silt on the valley's bottom, where an old stream ate into a hill (magna: eat; costa: hillside). It was planted over 20 years ago with cuttings from a vineyard in Pomerol where Cabernet Franc has grown for three centuries. We have been bottling this Campo separately since 2011.
This was another year of cool weather in the Val d'Orcia, and from the deep soils of this parcel of cabernet franc, the wines of Magnacosta are deep and straightforward, with a light, airy character. Campo di Magnacosta is always a complex, relatively light-colored wine, but in 2015 it is especially fresh and ripe.'
- Vini Franchetti

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