Testalonga El Bandito 'Mangaliza' 2017


'The wine is borne from my experiences in working close the Hungarian border in Austria. Here I came into contact with the grape Harslevel, which is beautifully fragrant and has a great natural oily texture, together with decent acidity's. I came back to South Africa and work with a tiny 0.5 ha vineyard, (which is next to the Sweet Cheeks and Cortez vineyard). Whilst in Hungary, I also discovered the Hungarian Sheep Pig locally called Mangalitsa, I like pigs and particularly pigs that look like sheep, so I called the wine Mangaliza in homage to the sheep pig. The photo was taken by myself of a field mouse which I rescued from my dogs, it lived to fight another day'. - Craig Hawkins

This wine is made from a Hungarian grape variety you have probably never heard of - Harslevel. The fruit comes from a 1971 planted vineyard in Swartland. Very floral, pear, white peaches, pure and fresh, nutty, honeyed notes, balanced acidity. It sits somewhere between a Gruner Veltliner and Chenin Blanc. Absolutely delicious!

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