The Wine Farm Pet Nat 2020

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We definitely think it’s one of the best Pet Nats in Australia! The Hawkins Family produces fantastic fruit on their biodynamically grown vineyards in Southern Gippsland. The 2020 release of their Wine Farm Pet Nat is made from 100% Pinot Noir and the grapes are sourced from their best vineyard, so this isn’t a Pet Nat that they make just for fun or with leftover fruit at the end of a vintage – they take it seriously.

The Pet Nat is as natural as it comes, it drinks like champagne. It's extremely clean and crisp, with racy acidity, lots of berries, brioche, slight nuttiness, and a hint of residual sugar in the wine. There is a rich mouthfeel to the wine that gives it great balance and makes it exceptionally moreish. Fantastic to crack on a sunny afternoon. It’s a delicious wine that will also reward people who have the patience to age it. Unfortunately, there are only 500 bottles of this wine were made – grab yours while you can! 

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