The Wine Farm Petillant Naturel 2018


Some people will baulk at the price of this wine for a Pétillant-Naturel, and say they could buy a champagne for the same price. This would be up there as one of Australia's best Pet-Nats (big call - but definitely in the category of the best fined and filtered Pet-Nat). While many people make Pet-Nats as a side project or with left over grapes, Neil Hawkins actually uses his best Pinot Noir grapes in this wine. 

'The site is seven acres and planted to eight different varieties which
are planted on their own roots. The vines are between 20 and 25 years old. It is farmed without the use of insecticides, just copper, sulphur and a pair of hands to combat the mildews. With a focus on soil rejuvenation and controlling weeds with nothing but a whipper snipper below the vines and a mower deck between them, the essential micro-organisms are allowed to thrive and aid the transfer of minerals from soil to vine and ultimately glass. Winemaking information: 100% Pinot Noir from some of the best vines on the estate. These are handpicked and gently pressed into stainless steel, before settling and racking several times to remove any of the solids. Once fermentation reaches approximately 80%
completion the wine is transferred to bottle to complete fermentation. This is quite early to help create and capture the fine bead. It has been disgorged to remove the extra material making for an elegant and refreshing bubbly.

Tasting notes: It is pale straw in colour with a palate of crisp apple and cherry blossom, underlined by hints of brioche, bready characters and a powerful fine bead. It finishes with lift and zesty character. It has been disgorged to remove the extra material making for an elegant and refreshing bubbly.'

- Neil Hawkins, The Wine Farm 

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