Two Tonne Tasmania Dog and Wolf Pinot Noir 2019


‘The Dog & Wolf’ represents a more complicated winemaking style.  It is made in tiny quantities and is inspired by its name.

The name comes from the French expression, ‘entre chien et loup’.  Translated this is ‘between dog and wolf’.  It is used to describe a specific time of day, just before night, when the light is so dim you can’t distinguish a dog from a wolf.  It expresses that limit between the familiar, the comfortable versus the unknown and the dangerous, between domestic and wild.  It is an uncertain threshold between hope and fear.  This wine is produced with all these elements in mind; it is a blend of two vastly different winemaking styles.

The 2019 Dog & Wolf Pinot Noir is a combination of two parcels of fruit.  The first, picked early, intense flavour, and concentration, made more in the house style, 30% whole bunch this year.  The second, taken a little later, is 100% whole bunch, a wilder expression.  Together these sit side by side in maturation, until being blended to find balance between power and elegance, creating ‘the dog & wolf’. Production is limited to the quality of the season.  Bottled without fining or filtration.

This year the balance was found at 50% whole bunch inclusion across the blend.  2019 was an incredible growing season, with timely rain events keeping things fresh at the right time.  The summer was warm, and tailed off into a beautiful picking period in the north of the state.  Yields were naturally low, and the wines have an intensity about them that reflects this.

There is a 100% whole bunch version in 2019, ‘the wolf’, which is a single site (three wishes) wine, which will be released when it has spent enough time in the cellar.'

- Ricky Evans, Winemaker 

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