Vinyer de la Ruca, Banyuls 2014 - Fortified Grenache (500ml)


Vinyer de la Ruca is at the very pinnacle of natural wine production on the planet at this time. This is as much a socio-political statement and challenge laid down to the modern world as it is a domaine producing some of the most satisfying, mineral red wines of the Roussillon.

560 bottles produced - ultra low yielding Grenache bush vines on the schist terraces of Banyuls, picked very ripe, fermented and macerated for a very long time, with maximum extraction, lots of foot plunging, folk music and ritual, then fortified with eau de vie de vin. A bit sweet, very tannic, dense, intense, yet seemingly impossibly ethereal and balanced. Put into handblown glass bottles that are just beautiful and will make a great vase. 

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