Vinyer de la Ruca, Orico Judas 2017


Vinyer de la Ruca is at the very pinnacle of natural wine production on the planet at this time. This is as much a socio-political statement and challenge laid down to the modern world as it is a Domaine producing some of the most satisfying, mineral red wines of the Roussillon.

Earthy, spicy, sweet and divine mineral Carignan from a fifty year old vineyard planted over sand and stone northwest of Perpignan in Latour-de-France. ‘Judas’ refers to the fact that the vines worked once by a tractor, this amounts to cheating in Manuel’s book! This ferments on skins for two weeks are de-stemmed by hand and pressed off into a single 200-litre amphora for 9 months. A singular, vivid expression of this wonderful grape. 

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