Wendouree Shiraz Malbec 2016

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'A 50/50 split on the grapes, and 1919 and 1920 plantings. Pleasing symmetry. Well, here we are, the last of the six Wendouree releases (we don’t mention the Muscat) now done. Likely I’ve rushed through them, though relative to some, I’ve taken a fair amount of time. And anyway, people carry on like pork chops about decanting and the like, but I’m arrogant/confident enough to call it fast, and early.

Good wine this, and while I prefer the synergy of Cabernet and Malbec, Shiraz can fill the dance card competently. Has something of a bloody character, along with rose and dried flowers, and for the poor Malbec perhaps a case of ‘Everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face’ (by Shiraz) courtesy of Tyson (not Stelzer, but Mike). Blackberry, a saline character here, certainly the steak and spice, camphor comes through too, and a bit of coffee and earth. Supple but dry tannin. Richness, depth, and a certain oomph. Rugged rather than suave, but a very good wine it is. More to come.'

- 94+ Gary Walsh, Winefront 

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