The Wine Farm Petillant Naturel 2017


Some people will baulk at the price of this wine for a Pétillant-Naturel, and say they could buy a champagne for the same price. This would be up there as one of Australia's best Pet-Nats (big call - but definitely in the category of the best fined and filtered Pet-Nat). While many people make Pet-Nats as a side project or with left over grapes, Neil Hawkins actually uses his best Pinot Noir grapes in this wine.

Custard, apple pie, nutty brioche, lemon rind and sea spray on the nose. Palate is lip smackingly fantastic, with juicy green apples, pomelo, sweet tangy grapefruit, brioche, tart strawberries, and refreshing sea spray notes. Organic and biodynamic wine that is a great for the warmer weather. Pair well with some fried chicken, a juicy steak or even some spicy seafood noodles.

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