Wolfburn Single Malt Scotch Whisky 'Fathers Day' Quarter Cask Special Release – 54.2% vol.


Bottled at 54.2%

'This very limited release consists of just 980 bottles in total. Crafted from spirit matured purely in ex-bourbon quarter casks it is a shade over seven years old. These small casks have done an amazing job of producing a wonderfully mature and rounded single malt whisky. Sweet, smooth and classy in character, it’s a great example of a traditional hand-crafted whisky – and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable dram.

ON THE NOSE – Sweet fruit fragrance meets fresh sea air. Zest of lemon and lime is also present, and just a gentle hint of peat smoke.

ON THE PALATE – Hints of grapes and honey are overlaid with soft hazelnut and oak. Wolfburn’s classically floral flavours abound, augmented with hints of dried fruit and cinnamon.

FINISH – There’s a surprising sweetness at the end, with hints of toffee and brown sugar coming to the fore. Traces of peat smoke remain to give a beautiful lingering finish.'

- Wolfburn Distillery 

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