Jean-Pierre Robinot Fêtembulles 2022


'This is a fine example of the wine genre known as Petillant Naturels – wines that are fermented once in the bottle and then sometimes disgorged to release the dead yeast and sometimes not, depending on the winemaker. Jean-Pierre nearly always disgorges his pet nats.

This wine has been disgorged after being aged for 12 months in the bottle and topped up with the same wine.

It is made from 100% Chenin Blanc that has had no dosage (added sugar), therefore is quite dry.

The 2022 version of this wine is incredibly delicious with fine bubbles and a superb, lingering finish, reflecting the careful aging that the wine has undergone. Clear and bright in the glass, this pet nat is a treat for anyone who appreciates this genre of wine.'

- Living Wines

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