Domaine Derain Allez Goutons Rouge 2022


'Normally, we have imported the white version of Allez Goutons because that is the only one that has been made in the easy-drinking style adopted for this label.

Luckily, we have been fortunate to secure some of the red version of the Allez Goutons again this year.

It is a fresh lively red wine made from the Pinot Noir grape variety with low alcohol (around 11%) and designed for early drinking.

Two-thirds (roughly) of the grapes are partially destemmed and then macerated for a little over a week. The remaining one third is directly pressed to create a white wine which is then blended with the resulting red from the maceration. Fermentation is totally natural as with all the Derain wines and is carried out in fibreglass tanks.

This is yet another example of how a red wine can be made lighter and fresher by incorporating direct press juice which is much lower in tannins and other polyphenols than the macerated juice.

We were delighted when it arrived in Australia fresh as a daisy and ready for immediate drinking.'

- Living Wines

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