Equipo Navazos La Bota de Malt Whisky bota no. 66


 You could say that Equipo Navazos are independent bottlers of Sherry from Jerez, in Spain. They handpick only the finest barrels of sherry from single barrels or soleras, which are then bottled when they’re deemed ready. They are releasing some of the tastiest Sherries in the world but have also recently started creating delicious Whisky. And what better way to make a Sherry Cask Whisky than straight from a Sherry cask in Jerez!

This is a single cask release of a single malt whisky, made from malted barley grown and distilled in Castilla la Vieja, Spain. ‘La Bota de Malt Whisky bota no. 66’ is roughly just over 12 years old and spends at least 7 years in a single dry Oloroso Sherry Cask.

46% Alc and only 880 bottles were made in total.

This is probably one of the most sherried whiskies that we have tried, but in no way a sherry bomb. There is a lot going on in this whisky:

Nose of honey, sweet tobacco, roasted grain, charred oak, hints of smoke, spices, cocoa, caramel, walnuts, balsamic, dried fruit, leather and slight sea spray. The palate is sweet with muscatel grapes, sweet tobacco, oak, sweet spices, slightly smokiness, caramel slice, beeswax, toasted walnuts, dried fruit, toast, hints of cured meat, and lots of sherry notes. Long sweet finish with a rounded mouthfeel. Dangerously easy to knock back with friends.

Food Pairing: You could opt for fatty cured meat or an aged cheese but as it’s Easter, pair with a toasted hot cross bun with lashings of good quality butter. Trust us you won’t be disappointed! 

This is the second and final shipment into Australia. There are only 40 bottles left so grab one while you can!

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