Mataburro Otium 2022

'The Mataburro Otium 2022 is predominantly Grenache, made from the old vines planted by Laurent’s grandfather in 1949, almost 80 years ago. The vines are in the Rivesaltes district. These vines therefore can produce wines of complexity and charm.

It is so good to see vines of this age being productive and providing grapes for interesting wines such as this. Unfortunately, the undeniable increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is leading to new vines growing more quickly and therefore lacking the cellular structure required to last many years. Some recently planted vineyards have been failing after 15 years!

They picked the Grenache grapes over three days, the whole bunches going into separate tanks from each day, and had 4, 5 or 6 days of maceration. The short maceration is because Laurent and Melissa do not want too much extraction to occur so that the wine is not too tannic.

Laurent describes it as a kind of semi-carbonic maceration. The wine was matured in large stainless steel tanks.

The wine had just arrived in Australia and a few hours later we held a tasting and the wine was perfect. It is light, ethereal and absolutely clean and delicious!

This wine has no additions, 12.5% alcohol, including no added sulphites, and no filtration or fining.'

- Living Wines

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