Michel Gahier Arbois Trousseau Grands Vergers 2022


'The vines for this wine from Michel Gahier are even older than those used for the La Vigne du Louis having been planted over 80 years ago. The wine is named after the lieu-dit (parcel of land) where the vines grow. Here the gentle slopes are fully exposed to the sun allowing the grapes to ripen perfectly. The marl in which the vines thrive add minerality to the wine.

This is a very, very good example of a Trousseau wine having the delicacy that we associate with this fragile grape but also an extraordinary depth of flavour and a complexity that is intriguing.

There are tannins present giving it structure but they are not aggressive. The wine is lively on the nose, has deep, deep flavours (hints of cherry and raspberry at the front of the palate and forest floors in autumn in the middle) and tastes alive. It has a lingering mineral aftertaste. This is a living wine! No sulphite is added.'

- Living Wines

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