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DO.T.E.'Don't Pet Nat Me' (Spring is here) 2019


Harvested on September 10th, direct pressed and spontaneously fermented in steel, aged 5 months also in steel, then blended with Sorbara must (fro...

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Reintroducing Australia’s love for Pet Nat Wines

Pet Nat short for Pétillant Naturel is a deliciously natural style of French sparkling wines made by using the oldest method for making sparkling wine. This method is called Méthode Ancestrale, where the wine finishes fermenting in bottles, which causes it carbonate with a natural spritz. Falling into the natural wine & Preservative free category, Pet Nat wines are made from red or white grapes in an old-fashion, lower intervention style, with no additional ingredients of special machinery used. Pet Nat wines regained popularity in Australia and the rest of the world in the 1990s when the demand for organic ingredients gained traction and people sought to buy more natural produce.

Different to other sparkling wines, Pet Nat wines are bottled before the wine’s first and only fermentation process is fully complete. This process results in carbon dioxide being formed from the natural sugars already in the wine and turning into bubbles. Once popped you will notice that some Pet Nat’s have a slightly cloudy appearance if they haven’t been fined or filtered.

We offer a bespoke range of Pet Nat Wines

Often sweet or dry, juicy, creamy, rich, tangy, earthy, and more, Pet Nat wines are filled with endless aromas. Although it depends on the winemaker and grapes, when you buy a bottle of Pet Nat wine you are almost always rewarded with exciting and inviting flavours.

Every one of the Pet Nat wines you can buy online from Moreish Wines is a bottle that we personally enjoy and love sharing with friends and family. Varying in price and taste, our range features an array of Australian and International brands that can reignite or begin your love affair with beautiful Pet Nat Wines. 

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Best served young, treat yourself, or someone you love to one of our refreshing Pet Nat wines and experience a different side of sparkling wine. Easy to buy and easy to love, we hope you enjoy our selection of Pet Nat wines as much as we do.

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