Domaine Jean Marie Berrux Nondegu 2019


Don’t panic it if you can’t understand that word ! The name of the cuvee is a homage to Jean-Marie’s Dad, who sadly passed away last year. This vocalisation was something akin to his catch phrase of surprise, according to Jean-Marie.

More importantly, we now have hand made, home grown Red Wine from this truly excellent vigneron. Hooray !

This is a tiny vineyard of very very old Pinot Noir vines in Aluze, near Santenay. The vineyard was inherited by friends of Jean-Marie, who are not vignerons and don’t wish to be. The vines have been grown organically for 4 years now, and are coming back to great vibrancy.

The grapes were harvested by hand over 2 days, de-stemmed by hand and then put into tank for fermentation. The wine received some gentle extraction from occasional pump over, then was aged one year in old oak barrels under the family home in Meursault, followed by a further 6 months en-masse in tank prior to bottling.

There are just 6 barrels of this wine for the world to share. And we have so little of it in Australia, that I unfortunately will have to share it around in some kind of fair/unfair/annoying way.

Tasting notes: 
Sweet smelling nose, red fruit, with the slightest hint of reduction. Something candied, something floral, maybe fennel flower.
Sweet palate. Not full bodied, but full flavoured. Proper tannin, with a crisp, slightly tart finish. Sweet and sour vibes.
Genuinely charming nose. I want to go back and back. The fennel aromatic is deep and curiously inviting. It runs right through the wine, from nose to finish.

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