Domaine Geschickt Beetle Juice No 2


'This is a fascinating wine, both because it tastes fantastic and also because of the story behind the wine.

Geschickt is planting 70 trees per year (including a lot of fruit trees) within the vineyards to increase biodiversity and to ensure that there is additional shade in the vineyard as the summers get hotter and hotter.

We are currently writing an article for our newsletter explaining the importance of biodiversity in agriculture.

This is a skin contact Gewürztraminer that was macerated for a month with large cherries growing in the vineyard of the Coeur de Pigeon variety. This worked out to be an eighty-twenty split between the grapes and the cherries.

The wine was matured in a steel tank and then bottled by hand early so that it would retain its freshness. It is lightly sparkling and a light red colour, making it a very attractive drink. It is 12% alcohol and with no added sulphites. It is closed with a Crown Seal, but be careful because it is fairly lively!'

- Living Wines

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