Jean-Pierre Robinot Nocturne 2021

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'This wine is made from grapes picked from vines in the same vineyard as those that are used in the doubly expensive Camille wine.

This red wine is made from the lovely Pineau d’Aunis grape and the wine has been matured for at least 12 months before bottling!

As we have said above, Nocturne is the same vineyard as is used to make the Camille Robinot, but the Nocture is made using the ‘young’ vines which are only 80 years old. For the Camille he uses the 110 year old vines.

The Nocturne is aged for approximately 12 months on lees in old barrels. No filtering, no fining and no sulphites have been added at any time in the winemaking process.'

- Living Wines

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