Michel Gahier Arbois Chardonnay Les Follasses B 2020


'The grapes for the Les Follasses, which benefit from white marl soils in the vineyard are manually harvested and sorted prior to pressing.

The wine is made in the ‘ouillé’ style where the barrels are topped up during maturation so that the wine does not oxidise in the barrel. No sulphites are added to this wine at any stage.

This is a fresh, lively Chardonnay that is typical of this style of wine from the Jura with just a hint of those oxidative qualities that Jura aficionados just can’t get enough of.

This wine has been 12.5% alcohol ever since we started importing it. This year it has crept up to 13% due to the higher temperatures being experienced due to the added carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane in the atmosphere.

The Les Follasses vineyard is divided into two parts. The top block has the vines running north to south and the bottom block has the vines running east west. This year, Michel Gahier made two separate cuvees, one for the A plot and a different one from the B plot. The Follasses A has white marl soils and Follasses B has a melange of white and red marl.'

- Living Wines

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