Paul Prieur Sancerre Blanc Pieuchaud Silex 2019


Work in the vineyard is incredibly busy! Choosing organic viticulture in this very northern (sometimes very cold and wet) part of France requires lots of effort, especially given the choice to maintain grasses and other species in the vineyard. This is as opposed to tilling the soil (or using herbicides), which would reduce disease pressures, but would also reduce soil vitality, and carbon capture. But they manage to keep it all going, with lots of hard work.

The white grapes are all hand harvested, direct pressed, fermented with no additions except small amounts of SO2 post-MLF, and aged for up to 18 months. Depending on the cuvée and the power of the juice, elevage will be in tank or large oak.

Lieu dit “Les Pieuchauds” is a clay vineyard with lots of Silex, known to give a smoky hint to the wines. It is a very powerful, rich wine, providing all the fruit characters and mineral textures we want from high-quality Sancerre.

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