Piollot Champagne Côte des Bar Extra Brut Pinot Blanc Cuvée Colas Robin 2017


'This is a special new cuvee for Roland Piollot made entirely from Pinot Blanc grown on his estate. The vines thrive on the slopes near the village of Polisot overlooking the upper reaches of the Seine River.

The Colas Robin vineyard was planted entirely to Pinot Blanc (with a little of the very rare Arbane as well) by the Piollot family in 1955 using selection massale rather than clonal varieties, meaning that the vines are an incredible 66 years old.

The vineyard is one of the best in Roland’s care. It has wonderful southern exposure so the grapes ripen easily and the soil is based on limestone with a mix of red clay which provides the minerality that is so obvious in this very special wine. Approximately 80% of the juice was transferred to tank and the rest to oak barrels on lees for 5 years.

This is a very elegant, savoury wine with lots of fresh fruit aromas and lovely, balanced acidity. It has a very fine bead and you also notice the light golden colour. There is a complexity in both the aroma and the flavour with lots of spice and citrus notes and the intense minerality that we mentioned above.

It is very rare to find a Champagne made exclusively from the Pinot Blanc grape, however once you taste it you will wonder why more producers don’t do it!

The wine was disgorged in February 2023.

This wine is certified organic through CERTIPAQ FR-BIO-09.'

- Living Wines

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