Rare Character Whiskey Company 'Old Mate' Bourbon


“Old Mate” is the first set of single barrel selections outside of the USA, exclusively for the Australian market from the Rare Character Whiskey Company.

Rare Character Old Mate Bourbon 

Age: 6 years 1 month

Proof: 116.6 / 58.3% ABV

Mash: 60 corn / 36 rye / 4 malt

Heavy toasted heads Tasting notes: Brown sugar, cherry, spice - similar to a classic cherry soda fountain drink. Clove, liquorice, nutmeg, with a touch of citrus and tobacco on the finish. The heavy toast heads add to the richer spice and earthen notes. Spending time in all three environments is a unique profile for this age and mashbill. While typically spice-heavy and rye grain forward, the grain has aged out and more of the barrel influence comes forth. "An extra fizzy cherry cola from a old school soda fountain"

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