Rare Character Whiskey Company 'Old Mate' Rye


“Old Mate” is the first set of single barrel selections outside of the USA, exclusively for the Australian market from the Rare Character Whiskey Company.

Rare Character Old Mate Rye 

Age: 6 years 9 months

Proof: 115.22 / 57.61% ABV

Mash: 51 rye / 45 corn / 4 malt

Low toasted heads

Tasting notes: winter mint, leather, brown butter, honey tea, fried dough; light apricot and peach jam on the finish, before rounding out with oak tannins, pepper, and vanilla. This spent a chunk of its life in metal and concrete warehousing; lending to the light tropical fruit and sweet notes, the rye spice underlies the whole profile for a richer mouthfeel and complexity.

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