Julien Frémont Réserve Calvados AOC

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The label might look a bit rustic, but there is nothing rustic about what is inside the bottle.

It is the most elegant, smooth, flavoursome Calvados we have ever tried. Despite the 42% alcohol, there is no hot burning sensation in the throat with this drink, just a smooth, supple and immensely satisfying experience.

Julien’s family has been distilling Calvados from the cider juice for hundreds of years. In the old building, there are registered alembic stills dating back many years. This Calvados is typical of the style produced in the Pays d’Auge region but all the better for being made from organic apples!

This Calvados is labelled as Réserve which means that, by law, it must have been matured for at least three years in old wooden barrels.

The Calvados in both of these bottles comes from the 2015 distillation, therefore, they are classified as Réserve because they have been in barrels for more than the required three years. The only problem is that the word Réserve does not appear on the 700 mls label, but Julien assures us that it does qualify.

- Living Wines

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